These labels were created for the fictional Falstaff Brewery. The idea behind the design was to hint at the handcrafted nature of the beer itself. In order to achieve this, hand lettered type was used in the design of all three labels. The goal was to create a hand-rendered typeface that was organic and whimsical. To balance the hand drawn element, a neutral font was chosen for the secondary type. Please see below for the entire design process.

The Design Process

The process began with sketching and putting ideas on paper. These preliminary sketches were quick and a little on the messy side.

From there, ideas began to get fleshed out, developed and refined. For some of the phrases, multiple iterations were drawn to achieve the perfect look.

The last step was to vectorize the type in Illustrator, in order to smooth out rough edges. Finally, the type was ready to be incorporated into the design.