The premise of this student project involved naming and branding a scenic airline. The name Airventure comes from the idea that customers will be experiencing an adventure in the air as they fly to their destination. The hand drawn logo mark was inspired by vintage typography found on National Park posters from the 1930s. The pattern used throughout the identity system was created by combining the letters “A” and “V” of the logo and arranging them in an interesting pattern. The colors were chosen to reflect sights in nature: green for the forests and red and orange for the sunset.

Printed Material

Two other items that needed to be included with the suite of deliverables were a luggage tag and boarding pass. Both contain a blank space where the logo mark can be stamped.


The website’s homepage as well as its flight confirmation page were designed for this project. The customer is able to find and book a flight, explore all scenic routes and discover upcoming events on the homepage. After receiving their flight confirmation, customers are able to read other passenger’s testimonials.


With this project we were tasked with branding an object specific to the airline. Since Airventure is a scenic airline, binoculars were the perfect solution.